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Testosterone and female libido

I love my boyfriend, and find him incredibly sexy inside and out. When I'm with him, I barely notice oother guys, even the ones I'd feel butterflies around as a single gal.

So I'm really alarmed and how my libido has dropped so much during the past six months. I eat healthy and practice yoga 3-5 times a week, but the only time I think about sex is when my man lets me know how horny he is. He's been supportive and understanding, but he deserves to be sexually satisfied, and of course on some level things I've lost interest for non-medical reasons.

After reading about how small amounts of testosterone can make a huge difference on a woman's libido, I'm strongly considering going this route. But of course I'm a bit frightened about the possible masculinizing effects.

Have any ladies here taken small amounts of testosterone to increase their libido? .Please share your experiences!
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Hormones should be balanced. If you take it on your own, you are likely to mess up things. If there is no medical problem, you may do female deer exercise. Another exercise is kegel exercise.Navel Lock (Manipur Chakra) ; learn it and practice it. It has many benefits.Cuddling is a good fore play.You may search website on cuddling (Cuddle to me websit). It is introduced by professional cuddler. She has written a book on cuddling.Google above words or phrases to get details.
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Here is the article I read that got me thinking:

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I asked my doctor about it once, and she said it didn't increase women's libido very much, something like having to take a major amount of testosterone for a tiny (like 2%) increase in women's libido, according to research.  I'd take the research over Redbook magazine.  There is probably nothing wrong with doing the experiment and trying it (though it is also supposed to have some negative effects like increasing your cholesterol levels) but it doesn't sound like it would help.

Women are said (again, by research) to be more orgasmic if they feel like there is the potential to marry their sexual partner (or, I assume, have a long-term committed relationship if marriage is not the woman's thing).  Are there any issues in the relationship around the question of commitment?

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