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Testosterone level 125 - Causes, explanations ?

I am a male in 50's, suffering from all the symptoms of very low-T that are mentioned on the internet from lack of libido, development of man-boobs, severe depression, lack of intimacy / zeal/interest in anything and life itself, ED, almost no ejaculate, almost near impotency for last many years. Yes, I am on Lipitor, Benazepril, Allergy shots, Colitis meds, am a border line diabetic, etc. and over-weight, at 215 lbs. 5 ft.10 in.
   My testosterone levels got finally tested, but only when I strongly pressured my primary physician that I wanted to know what they were. He has been my Primary since about the last 10-12 years and obviously never did he catch all the underlying symptoms of very low testosterone levels in the annuals, blood and urine analysis etc.   When I was not getting satisfactory answers from my Primary Doc, I started reading up to get educated about my symptoms, issues etc. I realized that I was having these symptoms for many years but never did he suggest a Testosterone level check. Only after I started reading on the internet about symptoms and consequences of low-T did I get an explanation for what was going on inside my body and mind, causing those symptoms. Before contacting me about the results, he orders a Prolactin test off the same blood sample to cover his back, I was told, "to rule out tumors". When I told him, I had an MRI done just 5 days back for tumors, showing no problems, he was just nonchalant and says 'Oh yes, I forgot about it.'  Now, I am in my 50's and am thinking back should I not be suing this guy for negligence and carelessness over the years, for ruining my life in all areas -  sexually, emotionally, physically.
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After reading your post,I was having some of the same problems. After my MD tried every anti-depressant known to man, with zero results, I had my testosterone checked. I am 56 yrs. old and my level was around 190. I was told this is in the "normal" range. After doing some research on my own, I found that one person can have a testosterone level almost 10 times as high as another of the same age and both are in the "normal" range. This just made no sense to me. I have since started self injections that my MD finally prescribed. This has made a tremendous difference. I highly recommend checking the site  thehiddendisease.com. I really like the patient interviews. Best of Luck
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The act of suing someone is something you need to take to an attorney and no one here can answer that unless they are licensed to practice law in (given your profile) the wonderful state of Texas.  

Low T effects some people.  As a matter of fact I have low t.  I am 25 years old (was diagnosed when I was 22).  I had the level of a 50-60 year old male.  Given that the docotor sometimes don't look at that unless you appear to be suffering from something related.  IE: if you go to your doc and say I have low sex drive he has an idea to start looking there first. Docotors treat when there are problems.  Physicals don't yield a lot of information on things like testosterone levels unless you have complained about something in the past.  

I would disagree that it ruined your life sexually, emotionally, and physically.  If you were having some of these sexual problems then you should have talked to the doctor.  If not you are just as much responisbile for reporting concerns.  Out of the years of blood work I got from being 13-22 no one ever caught my low testosterone level.  I had physicals each year I had bloodwork every year.  It wasn't until I talked to my PCP and explained to him that at sometimes in my life I don't feel like I can have sex which wasn't and isn't normal for a healthy 22 year old.  I went to an endo doc and he said my Testorone levels were so low its not good.  

Get a perscription for Andogel (i may have misspelled the name)  or some other testorone gel.  Apply it like ordered.  Just watch that you put it where placed ( I use my chest) and when you do apply it make sure that it is a while before your wife or if you have kids touch your bare chest.  
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