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Too much precum

I am a male in my thirties.  My issue is too much precum.  Whenever I have sexual thoughts, I am guaranteed to have it - usually too much.  I usually carry a spare set of undies to office (or wherever I go), because it gets so wet that I need to change.  After a casual conversation with a good looking colleague in the office, I usually have to go to the bath room to wipe and/or change.  When I see someone with a bit-exposing dress, I have to do the same thing. Watching a porn, it's all too certain.  It sometimes happens even without a full erection.

Is this normal?  I am not very much bothered by it, but I am just curious.  Other than the usual inconveniences, I take it a pleasurable experience, but I am not sure if it's sexually healthy or not.

Appreciate any feedback.
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No, that isn't the norm, but that doesn't mean anything is wrong, either. Talk to your doctor about it, see if they think anything needs to be checked out, and go from there.

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