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What could I possibly have caught?

So I'm convinced I caught something as I've been experiencing some symptoms that I've read are from certain STI's.

A bit of background: I am a bisexual male. And over the summer I had two very suspect sexual encounters.

First: This was with another male whom I met on vacation. We hooked up around the beginning of July.He performed unprotected oral sex and analingus on me. There was no kissing and we did not have intercourse.

Second: This was with a female escort on another trip out of town. This was at the end of July. She performed unprotected oral sex on me, I fingered her and we had protected intercourse. There was also brief kissing, no french-kissing.

Recently I've been experiencing some physical symptoms that have me very concerned. I've done some internet research and freaked myself out with the many possibilities. From herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis, and the big one: HIV.

I haven't had sex with any new partners since these encounters and do not plan to until this is all figured out.

I've scheduled a doctor's appointment and plan to go to a sexual health clinic this coming week. As of right now, I'd love some input as to what I could possibly expect as I'm obviously quite worried.

My symptoms are:
- Swollen lymph node on right side of neck. As well as swollen lymph nodes in the groin area.
- Occasional night sweats (only about 3 times from the time of first risky sex encounter to now: Oct. 30th 2015)
- Dry cough that has been present for about 2 weeks.
- A more noticeable shortness of breath after physical activity that I do not recall having before.
- Waking up with accelerated heart rate (which I'm assuming is a form of panic/anxiety attack)
- Occasional stuffy and runny nose.
- I've also recently developed what I've self-diagnosed to be a form of what is called "scalloped tongue"
- There are also two small bumps near that back of my tongue that have appeared. They aren't sore and I do not have a sore throat, but they seem to not be going away.

I've read that some symptoms could be a result of anxiety, and that's totally possible as I am very stressed about this. Spending time googling STIs and symptoms will do that. But I do believe I have caught something. I'm just hoping that it is something that can be cured.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love some ideas or relative peace of mind prior to my appointments next week.

I will also update this after I get any results.

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I'm aware that asking the question here isn't going to give me a for sure answer.  I was simply hoping for any ideas on what I could have as it has been worrying me quite a bit.

I am going to get checked. I was just hoping for some answer simply for the sake of my sanity as I've read that anxiety can cause and/or worsen sti related symptoms.

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With respect. If you are seeing a doctor and going to a STI clinic soon then you are not likely to get any better advice in this forum.
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