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What could help with prostate peoblems

My fiancée is 60 years old and I'm 19 I love him so much!!! But anyways he hadn't had sex in 2 years no intimacy or anything because his ex didn't want to anyways he masturbated but never could ejaculate. Every time we have sex he gets hard but he says he's not fully erected he says it's not me and I believe him because Ive done everything I could to help and every time we r in the middle of sex and he's close to ejaculation he starts going limp and can't get off I've told him about vitamin E because I had an ex with the same problem but i don't know what to do or suggest to help him
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Unless he's already done so, he should seek advice/treatment from a Urologist regarding any prostate issue.
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Thank you he has
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He might consider taking something like Cialis 20 mg to give him better erections. I also wonder if he's got some retrograde ejaculation.
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There are 4 types of massage. One is anal peripheral prostate massage. He can do this massage himself. This massage may improve his sexual function.
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