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What evidence do you have that vibrators don't cause nerve damage?

Another woman asked if there is any evidence that the clitoris could be desensitised with a vibrator. You said 'not that I have heard of'. Do you think that there is no evidence because it's just a subject that hasn't been studied, or has been a study and the results showed that it was not possible? Perhaps you should read all the cries for help from women all over the internet complaining that they have lost sensitivity. Most of the replies from medical professionals seem like nothing more than ignorant speculation. They tell women that the sensation will come back and it's just a temporary problem. Well my sensation was lost years ago and has never come back. Don't tell me that vibrators don't cause damage! This kind of ignorant advice is putting other women at risk of the same problem and delaying the search for how vibrators actually cause damage and how the problem can be cured. I feel like I've had a clitoral circumcision and NO it's not all in my mind.

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clitoris is most sensitive part of human being, containing lot of nerve endings. You do not need any experiment or evidence to show the proof. If you stimule any nerve, excessively, it will get numb or even damaged. Numbness can be self self limiting if the damage is not extensive.
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I don't feel what I've felt some time ago,so i decide I need something more powerful and i but from Edenfantasys a new vibrator , more powerfull, and its good :)
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You are lucky that you have got a stronger vibratpr and you are happy with it. Do not be surprised if you need another vibrator after some time. clitoris get sensation from 2 source, one is direct rubbing and other is through vaginal muscles. clitoris is connected vaginal muscles from its bottom.If you search more you will find this information. Mildly rubbing around clitoris can revive the sensitivity in time.Another possible technique is anal peripheral prostate  massage. this is one of the 4 prostate massage. This massage stimulates genital area and groin. This massage is for woman also for this purpose.
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Look up reynaud's syndrome.
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