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What is the cause of my urethra opening being swelled?

Ive seen an urgent care and primary and currently seeing a urogolist for this matter. It presents no signs of being an infection (no itch, no secreation, ect). Urinalisis didnt show anything, all std tests came back clean, its not chaffing. Its just swelling at the hole, only hurts first milisecond of peeing and when touched. It started back in august. I have been with same woman since before it started, and we havent had sex since then aside 2 times and i wore a condom. It started when we stopped using condoms and shes worried she caused it but i have been tested for infections and stds and nothing and since i had a condom on the 2 times we did have a go, i cant see how she could have caused it. Worth mentioning due to the timing tho? The first week i had urgency to pee but only the first week. Sometimes my penis feels like its twitching- a new type of thing unrelated to arousal. Currently on antibioic for urithiritus (sorry if my spelling is bad) and no improvement yet (day 3 of 10). Next step is a scope (ouch!!!) and possibly steroid cream (dont like that idea...). Id really like to not randomly treat symptoms like that, so im coming here to see what comes up as an actual cause.

Oh and i also changed laundry soap. Same shower soap ive used my whole life.

The best way i can describe how it looks is to say it looks like my pee hole now has a pair of lips (tiny, now around entire hole yet, the “bottom” 2/3 of hole’s diameter) that are puckered slightly. My primary didnt even see it as looking abnormal, but the urologist and urgenct care doc, as well as myself and my gf, see its not ideal. It also makes my pee stream sporadic. Some days its better by a small amount, other days worse.

My gf wondera if she has a high pH balance that damaged it but i really cant see that being the case as i havent had contact since august and until start of nov it would slowly SLOWLY get slightly worse every other day. Hasnt changed for better or worse for a couple months. Ive had no direct contact so i dont see how it could be her vagina causing it but correct me if im wrong.

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