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What is this infection?


I have been reading stuff in this forum before when I was waiting for my diagnose.

I was infected with chlamydia in Asia by a woman who was selling sex. She was complaining about symptoms too, she said she had had it for two months.

It started with pain in the lymph nodes and joints. The chlamydia infection gave me infection in the eyes and penis and a swelling of a lymph node like a ping-pong boll on my throat.

When I received chlamydia medicine all chlamydia symptoms went away but I continued to have symptoms in my lymph nodes with pain but not swelling.

The swelling of the lymph node that I had initially only lasted for like a day or so about 2 weeks after I got infected.

So I had no visible symptoms on my body really after that.

I had pain in all my lymph nodes, groin, throat, neck arm pits.

Initially I had a flue like period about two weeks after the infection with lungs or breast feeling infected too. I was resting in bed that time.

About one month after infection though, I only really had pain in the lymph nodes, cough, mucus from the nose. The pain in the lymph nodes was quite severe. I also had problems sleeping and what I perceived as neurological symptoms.

My HIV test continued to be negative 6 months after infection and also 1 year after infection.

About a year and a few months after infection most of my lymph nodes pains became less and I got yeast infection on my behind.

Now it is more than 1.5 years since I was infected and I have a yeast infection on my behind that I have not been able to get rid of using the medical treatment offered. I still have pain in my head lymph nodes and some in my armpits if I close my arms tightly.

I have also gotten an ear canal ache. When I was young I had ear inflammation. The ear ache I got once earlier and it goes away after a time then.

My main symptoms at this point is just pain in my chin lymph nodes and sometimes throat lymph nodes, mucus in my nose and sometimes a bit of cough. But I feel infected.

I have also had since two weeks after infection some pain in my eyes. So I have this continuous feeling in my eyes of that I have an infection in my body. It is like pain now and then so that you blink to correct it. I never had that before I got infected.

I have been unable to get a diagnose for my infection.

They have tested me for bacterial infection in nose and throat and it was negative. I have been tested for gonorrhoea, syphilis, hepatitis, mycoplasma also and retested for chlamydia all negative.

The symptoms I have make me believe that I have a virus in me and that I have some sub-clinical immune deficiency.

I of course wonder what it is and how I can get it diagnosed and if I am going to get rid of it or if it is dangerous.

I have talked with many doctors about my symptoms and infection. Initially some believed that I had HIV. I was even given the HIV RNA test. But since my HIV test remained negative after 6 months and 1 years they are certain that I don't have HIV. The HIV test I did is 3rd generation venal HIV antibody test which is supposed to be accurate after 3 months.

Since there are no clinical evidence of my infection doctors wont help me. They say that they know all serious infectious diseases because of that they eventually reach the doctors and are investigated by them and that I do not have any of these diseases.
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I take it you have been retested for the chlamydia and it's gone? Of so, then something else is going on. This may not have anything to do with you having chlamydia before.
I would recommend you see an ear nose throat specialist for more testing.
Also, have you only been tested for STD's or has your Dr done other testing for other possible causes?
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if you read through it you can see what I have been tested for.
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They tested my throat and nose and nothing there.

My cd4/cd8 they tested to 900/1300.

I have retested chlamydia and it was nothing.

Only STDs and TBC. They did an xray of chest to check TBC.
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