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What's the thick white stringy mucous anal discharge after having anal ?

I have been having the anal discharge for a week starting the day after anal sex and the amount discharged does not seem to be getting smaller. I've had a similar discharge before after anal sex but it only lasted a couple of days. The amount of mucous material discharged seems like a lot. It is sometimes tinged with a bit of blood. I thought it was the lining of my rectum being discharged but I could be mistaken.
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You could have an infection anally, like an STD, though it wouldn't likely be from this particular encounter as symptoms wouldn't show up that fast. You don't mention if you are having protected or unprotected anal sex, how often, etc., so you'd know better than we would what your risk for that is.

More likely could be hemorrhoids, proctitis, an anal fissure, rectal prolapse - among other things.


In any case, you should get it checked, especially if it hasn't stopped by now.

I hope you get some good answers, and let us know what happens.

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