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Why do I pee?

In the last month I have felt the urge to masturbate. I am also still a virgin. After reading I learned about clitoral stimulation, I have tried it several times but sometimes I have to stop for unbearable shaking and convulsions. other times I think I am going to reach a "climax" and I literally pee, I know it is pee for a fact. Is there something wrong with me please help I feel very insecure and embarassed!!!!!
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My wife (when masterbating) has that same effect and she swears it is pee when in fact it turns out that it is actually a mulitple orgasm. She just tenses up and lets it fly, she always has to nap after hers, it completely drains her.
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I agree with mike... what you described is an orgasm. It does feel like you're about to "pee" when you climax... and, it's possible that you actually do leak some urine. I suggest that you empty your bladder and urinate prior to masturbation.
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