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Would I know if I was anally raped in sleep?

Asking this here as I don’t want to flood the HIV forum with more of my stress.
To cut the story short, I was at a party and got high on stimulants (speed, mdma, cocaine), and went to a room to fall asleep. A guy came into the room after me and lay next to me and eventually did things to me (fellatio), I’m not gay but was high and let it happen. Then I went to sleep with him next to me, I could feel him sort of touching me, but I went to sleep then woke up in a panic a couple of times to him lying next to me and eventually woke up for good 4 hours after going to bed.

I felt fine (apart from the comedown) for a few days, but then about 3 days later noticed itchiness in my ass, that got a bit worse for about a week, though I was fidgeting with it out of panic.

If I was raped that night, I would have woken up right? And if I was for some reason, the pain would be there pretty immediately/when I woke up? Not days later?
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I would think if someone penetrated your anus, you'd know.  It would likely wake you and you'd likely be sore.  I would not think this happened.  Hey though, cut down on the drug activity as it obviously has some real draw backs such as making you more vulnerable to unsavory things.
Thank you, this is very reassuring. You’re so right, I’d cut all of that out my life till I messed up that one night, and I’m scared if my mistake is a life changing one.
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As another update, I’m still waiting for my test to arrive in the mail, it’s taken a lot longer than expected. But I literally just noticed a blatant scab from a cut at the underside of the top of my penis, and this has made me freak out. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before…..Does this increase my chances of infection? I’ve never had something like this show up before. But if there was blood in this persons saliva, wouldn’t this allow for HIV to get in?
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Oops I put this in the wrong thread, apologies
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maybe - maybe not.   depends how passed out you were and how slowly they penetrated you.   if you were relaxed enough and they entered slowly your sphincter would simply relax and allow him to enter.   that said - unless he used lots of lube he would have defintely irritated your ass and you would know the next morning - not 3 days later.  sounds more like you might have gotten exposed hsv2 - although doubt that would show up within 3 days.    you might go get a blood test for STDs - better to know than not.
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I guess I don’t think there was any lube since I was only there for a few hours and I don’t know where they’d get any from while lying next to me. The pain after 3 days is what’s weird to me and is where my fears are coming from.
But because I have severe HIV anxiety right now and have convinced myself I have it, the fact I’ve been told I couldn’t get it from oral, makes me think I must’ve been raped. Probably irrational, but I can’t help it
have you been tested?    it's a very simple blood test - and if you are seriously worried about it you should get tested.    at least set your mind at ease and if the worse comes true you will at least know to start meds to control the virus.   it's not the dead sentence many people fear as it was in the early days - i've been poz for 30 years and have lived a perfectly healthy normal life.
I’ve ordered a test that should hopefully arrive in a day or two. You’re right, I need to just find out, and rip the band aid off. I just know that I wouldn’t be able to deal with a positive answer mentally, it’d drive me over the edge, even though the illness itself wouldn’t kill me.
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since you were unable to give consent due to being under influence, it was indeed rape. i'm sorry that happened to you and hope you can get clean and some support for dealing with this. as for the itchiness, i'd suggest talking to your doctor.
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Thank you for your answer, I guess I know that I was taken advantage of at the very least. I’m just wondering if it’s possible for me to have been anally raped and not know, since I’ve never done that before and I imagine it would hurt a lot, right? It wouldn’t start hurting days later surely?

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