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Yeast infection/bacterial infection and left over sores

So 2 weeks ago started what has been a very frustrating incident. I came down with a yeast infection:itchy (extremely), cottage cheese discharge...I used an at home 1 day treatment. It went away but was replaced within a day with a bacterial yeast infection I've gotten 3 since February (was tested in February for stds and all came back negative), one in February, one last month a week before my period and again this month a week before my period which ended yesterday(I had literally no 'good' bacteria in my vagina which caused this and kept forgetting my probiotic they recommended..had to call in scripts, this last and new one being: clindamycin which I have 2 days left and have had quite few of the side effects related. As of Friday I noticed 3 papercut shaped and sized cuts on my perineum directly under my vagina(I believed this was from the intense scratching I did with the infections and having long nails) and anal itching and pain(I assumed this was from the loose stool I've had from the side effects of the meds and a laxative I took for 2 days from constipation). Yesterday I noticed a white bump on my outer Labia and 3 on my anus, today one of the ones on my anus burst. These 2 areas still have these opening and are painful when I have to use the bathroom and my entire vagina is itchy(another potential side effect from meds?). Could this be herpes or am I over reacting since I've had a crazy amount of issues these last 2 weeks and this last year. I've had no flu symptoms, my discharge has been cottage cheese, thick white paste with a fishy odor and then cometelyngiven normal again, besides normal menstrual cramps and from open cuts on perineum and bumps on anus no pain either. Sorry for info overload I want to be detailed.
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The best thing to do is to go see your doctor/gynecologist for all of the recent symptoms/signs you are experiencing. The white bumps could be a variety of things; from cysts ( which are like clogged pores) to genital warts, and so on...
The cuts could be from the scratching ( like you thought) and irritation... The best way to figure out exactly what is causing these issues is to be examined by a doctor... You might want to try a feminine anti-itch cream meanwhile, if it gets any worse ( unless you've already done so)...
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btw: the cysts are common in many women, and can be recurring. I just saw that you mentioned the one bump had burst, which sounds like a cyst, not a wart... Anyway, it's still wise to go in for an appointment w/ the dr. :)
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