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Yeast infection question

I have not had many yeast infections so I was looking for some insight. Last Thursday I started having burning/hot feeling coming from my vagina, no so much the inside but the labia minora, I was prescribed difulcan by my provider took it Monday and have felt some relief but not much, I also did the 1 day monistat treatment which helped a bit as well but I still continue to have a burning/warm/hot feeling in the same area. I dont have any itching/pain while urinating or any lesions/suspicious bumps and minimal discharge,  I have checked multiple times trust me! I also have been in the same monogamous relationship for 6 years. In the past I had a severe yeast infection that I let go untreated and developed superficial fissures they went away in about a day. This is not like the last yeast infection I had but does it still sound like one? How long should I expect to have symptoms for. They are pretty mild but just uncomfortable and I am on my feet all day. Thanks!
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Thanks so much for your answer! She did not do a culture because I had no other symptoms consistent with BV and have been cultured for yeast in the past. I am going to give it another week then go in for an exam if it’s still persists!
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How are you feeling?
Better thanks! I think it just took longer than I expected to go away
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When you went to your doctor, did they actually take a culture or anything to test for yeast?

I wonder because there is also something called bacterial vaginosis (BV) that you may be experiencing, especially since you took two yeast treatments at the same time.

The vagina is a very delicate balance of good and bad things that help keep it healthy. If you treat for yeast, it can kill off some of the good things that keep the bacteria in check, which can lead to BV. (The opposite is true - if you treat BV, it can sometimes lead to a yeast infection.)

You'll hate this answer, but give it until Monday for the treatments to work. Diflucan works for 7 days in your body. If by Monday, you are having symptoms still, get a follow up with your doctor, and ask her to check for both yeast and BV.

In the meantime, don't use anything vaginally - no scented soaps or body washes (you really just need to use a washcloth on the exterior parts, and never need to clean internally - the vagina is like a self-cleaning oven), no scented toilet paper or feminine wipes (our vaginas never need to smell "island fresh", like a "peach blossom", or like jasmine or lavender). Wear 100% cotton panties, don't douche (unless you are instructed to by a doctor, never douche), get some scent and dye free laundry detergent. Think of everything that touches your body, and make it as natural as possible.

I hope you feel better soon, and let us know what happens. Being female sometimes isn't much fun.
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