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Yeast infection

A week ago my doctor gave me doxycycline hydrate to fight off an infection that is causing me to have a itchy urethra.  My doctor did not do a swap test or anything but thought i had a bacterial infection.  Present day ( a week of the medication) I still feel the itchiness and am thinking that I have a yeast infection.  I've heard eating yogurt can help fight it, but what about dairy free yogurt?  Would eating one container of dairy free yogurt help?  I have an allergy to dairy, I looked online and found "so delicious" yogurt which is dairy free.  Has anyone tried this or know if this would help me?  Is it bad if I have one thing of the yogurt while on the doxycycline hydate medication?  My doctor said I could stop taking it after a week if i didn't feel better at all (which I might do).
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It sounds to me like Thrush.  I would try taking some Canosten oral capsules to relieve the symptoms.  As for the yoghurt,  I wouldnt use this as a sure fire method, these are usually only down to the individual, but by all means, try it, it will do you no harm!  Re-visit the doctor after you finish your anti-biotics and see what he can recommend.

If you are sexually active I would recommend testing for the regular things, chlamydia, Gonnoreah etc.

Hope this helps Matt,

Take care

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I had a urine test done and the urologist said everything was normal.  I have had sex twice but used a condom and neither my gf or I have had other partners so I know it isnt an STD.  Plus I dont have symptoms of an STD either..just an annoying itch.  What is Thrush?  How do you get it and is it dangerous to have, as in an infection or anything?  Where can I buy Canosten capsules?
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