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average size ?

Hi ... I am 18 year old boy and my penis size is 6.5 inches .. I want to know that if it is an average size or not ?... and if not what is an average size ??? please do reply everyone .. thanks.
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I think it is average..... Um u shouldn't be worried about that. Just be happy ur healthy...Not everyone is the same and it's ok!!!
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I think that mrspincince052519 is exactly right.  There is a lot of variability in penis size, and being a little larger or smaller than average is not really important.  Being healthy, and having a positive view of yourself, is!

As it happens, I think that you are a bit above average.  According to wikipedia, the average erect penis length is somewhere between 5.1 and 5.9 inches.  Flaccid length is not worth considering, since, as we all know, the flaccid size varies throughout the day, and is influenced by temperature, anxiety, etc.

Here is the wikipedia link:  


I hope that this helps, and I really hope that you never concern yourself about this again!
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Thanks alot , that was helpful . btw i was not really concerned , i just wanted to know if i am an average size or not .
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OK, sorry if I misunderstood.  So often in these forums, guys ask that question because they are insecure about their size.  I'm glad to hear that this is not the case with you!
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dear syedali,
it is average size i think.. lol but im not no  professional. considering im a girl but dont worry too much. size isnt all that matters. its how you use it. !! :D
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hmm.... rite ;)
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yeah :D (cant tell if you are being sarcastic) hope not :)
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lol No not at all sarcastic . =)
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okay lol. :D
i hope that helps!!!
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