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can i get pregnant from getting rubbed with his finger outside my pants

so we were dry humping with fully clothes on then i moved away , bc he about to *** he pulled down his pants and he wipes it all with tissue im pretty sure none of it is on my clothes , after a while in like 5mins he touched my panties and continue rubbing me with his hands , im worried and im crying over it can i get pregnant from him rubbing through my panties with maybe dried *** because himself also not sure whether there’s *** on his hand. im getting a period in less than two weeks.
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Very unlikely you could get pregnant from this. Sperm does not live very long outside the body & Im pretty sure once it’s dried there would be no viable sperm left. Even if he had put a finger inside you at that point, the chances of getting pregnant would be pretty close to zero, so if he was just touching you thru your panties, it would be pretty much impossible for you to get pregnant. Relax - there’s about a 99.999% chance you’re fine. I would even say 100%, but there could always be an extremely tiny chance it could happen, but the odds are so much against it, it’s just not even worth worrying about. If I were betting $$, you’ll have your period when it’s due, but even if it’s a little late, don’t freak out - you’re really gonna be OK...
thank you so much it made me calm a little bit because i was being super paranoid about it. i hope everything will be fine :) thankyou anon !
Sure, no prblm, that’s what most of us are here for. I’m glad to hear your anxiety about this has dropped way down.
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