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can this increase my chances of getting pregnant?

i am on the birth control shot depo provera and my doctor gave me prenatal vitamins to take. she said it will reduce birth defects if i was to get pregnant while on the shot.can taking prenatal vitamins increase my chances of getting pregnant? and also when my boyfriend and i have sex he never uses a condom and always "comes" in me. sometimes several times the same day. i know its not smart but does this increase my chances of getting pregnant since im not being careful?
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You should always be careful, even when using a contraceptive. Vitamins shouldn't decrease the effectiveness of the shot, from what I know. Usually it's only anti-biotics that can do that. Though do start being careful if you are not ready to have a child.
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is it really necessary that i use condoms since im taking the shot? my doctor says its not very likely i would get pregnant while on the shot that it could actually take up to 2 years for me to get pregnant after i stop taking it
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