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I have been in a relationship for 4yrs. I was using my boyfriends phone to google something and came across his emails,about 4mths ago I seen where he has been online chatting with other men, looking at gay porn and sending shirt off pictures to men. When asked him what was this about, he yelled and asked me what did I do,how did I get there? He was yelling at me saying, why am I doing this to him. I don't get it,what am I doin,I thought?. He was yelling saying that he is not gay, that he was looking up some friends of his cause he found "them" online doing that?. I told him I don't want to talk about this ever again cause he was just lieing and I figured im not gonna get the truth anyway. Well, I was on his google again and seen he is still looking up gay porn an chatting online?.  Not sure how to bring this to him?. Our relationship hasn't been the same. Someone please give me advice on this? I'm open to all ,comments and advice..  Is he gay or just curious?
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He might be gay or bi-courious, only he can tell you.

Tough subject to bring up with him, but think it does need to be discussed.
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If he got mad sorry, he probabl is into guys. Or both. Guys ddon't watch gay porn for nothing. My be he still in closet. He should not of yelled at u either. I would ask him is u both could take some time to talk about relationship stuff.  Bring up the gay porn in middle of conversation. Let me know what happens. Or if u wAnt to talk about what to say leave me a message or note.
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Thank you, Vance2335.. Yes, the subject does need to be brought up.
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Hello Snopek33, I believe he is in the closet. And I felt the same way, if a man is watching gay porn, something is up.?.  We are having a talk about the situation this evening. Hope all goes well.. I would like to get back with you on this, after talking with him?. I think I'm going to need some more advice on this?  Thank you and thanks for lending me your ear,advice...
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I'm sorry you found this but in a way it's a good thing that you did. It really sounds like he is either gay or bi. I'm leaning towards bi because he's with you and you're a woman. Once you find out the truth you'll have to make a decision about what to do with your relationship.
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Well, i did ask and his response was, No, he dont like men, that he was looking for his friends,to catch them on the site?. Cause he found a few of them on there?.  He just wont confess. But he does keep repeating during the conversation, so you think im gay,you think i talk to other men,im just trying to catch my friends on there. I wanna ask again but why when im going to keep getting the same response?. Hmm  I love him with my all,its just so hard to let go of that but i also know that i cant live knowing he could be either.. Hmm   well, thank you..
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