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discharge after yeast infection

I recently had a really bad yeast infection & cured it w/ the Monistat 3-day, all of the pain & swelling is gone but I'm still a little itchy at certain times. I finished the Monistat kit about 3-4 days ago but now I'm having a kind of clear/white watery discharge that has a little bit of a fishy odor & sometimes the discharge soaks my panties pretty badly. I want to know if the discharge could possibly be the medicine from the Monistat still draining since I finished it 3-4 days ago. I also took a pregnancy test about a couple days ago since I've had breast tenderness for a while but the test came out negative. Please help me.
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It sounds like it's time to see your Dr. The yeast infection may have no been cleared. Are you having unprotected intercourse? If so, your partner could have a yeast infection and be passing it back to you. He should also be tested and if he does have it then he will need to be treated also. If you're both being treated you should use condoms until the infection is clear to make sure you don't give it to each other.
Another thing is a possible bacterial infection. This can cause itching and discharge and it can also be passed back and forth between partners. If it is a bacterial infection you will need antibiotics to clear it up.
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