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i need help :(

i’m 13 years old and i’ve tried figuring my self multiple times. but i’ve never been able to get even one figure because i feel..nothing? like there’s no hole to put anything in, like at the front is the peeing hole thing..then nothing then my buttocks. super sorry if this is TMI.
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I get that. You might try clitoral stimulation. My vagina personally is not very sensitive and fingering doesn't work for me. The clitoris is kind of the tip on the ice berg, just about the urethra (the hole where the urine comes out)
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not being a girl (sadly) but seeing some pictures it should be located right behind your urinary hole but as sadly not being a girl I don't know
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Have you started your period yet? If you are fingering yourself, you finger the hole that the blood comes out of, or where you'd put a tampon if you use those. That's called the vaginal opening.

Don't be afraid to get a mirror and look at yourself. Your vaginal opening is kind of the center of it all.


That has a diagram of it.

Go slow and easy if you are using fingers. Use one at a time, and make sure you are lubricated (wet) enough. If you aren't, don't use lotion, vaseline, or anything like that, as those can cause vaginal infections. If you do it in the shower, use a very delicate, non-scented soap only.

If you can, get some lube, and make sure it's for sensitive skin. It won't have chemicals you don't need that can irritate your skin.

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