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Okay so i know that when you are pregnant you can get infections of the vagina easier but I dont know what i could have. I have greenish discharge comming from my vagina and it also can be watery sometimes. There is a chance i could be pregnant but a test hasnt told me yet. Any home remidies that could possibly work because the doctor is making me wait for an appointment
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I don't know about any home remedies, but you could pick up an over the counter Vagisil screening kit.  The kit can indicate whether you have a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or something more serious in which you would need to see the doctor for.  As far as the home pregnancy test, I'd try again using first morning urine if you haven't already.  Hope this helps until you can get in to see the doctor.  Good luck :)  
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I don't think that's a yeast infection I am a diabetic so I used to get them quite frequently due high sugars causing yeast. Normally the discharge is white and kidof clotted. (Yes I know it’s kinda graphic sorry for the description here.) Also the symptoms of the infection cause you to itch pretty bad both on the inside and outside of your vagina, when left untreated it can even begin to sting or burn. during the time that I was pregnant I DID get yeast infections and you can get them while pregnant however my symptoms were mild compared to the other time I had them and discharge was a whitish clear color. To me it sounds an STI or a possible STD
as for home remedies I can name a few using CINNAMON really does help to treat any kind of infection you can buy cinnamon sticks for tea or use the bottled spice mix it with oil and rub the infected area a few times daily.
ECHINACEA is another herb that can help to boost immunity you can use the same method to apply as used above. If you would like to know another method you can put tea in the bath (make sure the waters real hot) I normally put about 15-20 bags, add Epsom salt, then milk which softens the water, allowing it to take toxic oils from your skin. Finally honey serving as an antimicrobial which basically kills toxins and other nasties. All of these ingredients can be bought at a local grocery store. After your bath is full climb in for an hour. Afterwards the bath should been a deep green to a muddy brown. That’s all the unneeded crap your body removed. This is good for pretty much ANY health concern rejuvenates skin also helps heal infections, bruises, headaches, camps ect ect. Ironically it is actually 6 times effective than drinking the tea alone. If you want to clean the area another suggestion I have is using hydrogen peroxide or vinegar which both mimics the alkaline environment of the vagina to help return it to its natural state. If you'd like more information on home remedies you can pm me, I actually use them quite a bit.

Still go to a doctor and get them checked out
best of luck to you
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hey... i heard somthing really good from my doctor. Ok, you need to dip a clean tampon in natural greek yoghurt (no flavor, no sugar..just regular yoghurt) then you leave it in you vagina for a few hours. You have to do that for a few days.
It helps when you have yeast infections or to prevent yeast infections. Ask your doc for vitamin c vaginal-pills (they help preventing infections too)

sorry for my english, not from here :)  good luck
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