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is breast feeding to man normal?


I do have this fantasy from long time.. being breast feed by my wife... My wife recently given birth to a baby... I look at her feeding my baby... And I am getting aroused by this thought.... I know it might be weird to think like this but I am telling you the fact.... I just want to ask is it normal...? I mean does anybody here having same feeling....? Or do women would like to breast feed their husband as a sexual play...?

Please help me... I just love my wife and lot and don't want to hurt her asking this type of question....
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Some men do like this and some women also like it. Really, it all depends on the couple and how they feel about this.
Her breasts are a part of you and your wife's normal intimacy. So, maybe that's why you're feeling aroused when you see her breasts while nursing the baby.
It's really hard to say how many men have this fantasy. Your wife might be appalled at the thought or she may not.  
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Hi, I don't think you are that unusual wanting to try your wifes breastmilk. My husband was interested too when we had our first baby and the curiosity is def there. I thought it was crazy at first, but he wanted to try it one night and I let him. He didn't like it. hehe..but that was him. Maybe some men would enjoy it. But that was enough for him. I don't think he would have gotten it out of his mind though if I didn't let him try, it was like he might be missing something..hehe..So if your wife is okay with it, go for it. I think it is more of a mystery to the man and once you try it you will probably be satisfied and forget about it. Just my two cents. LindayRay
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Thanks for comment
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