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is there a health risk

wat is the chance and wat illness could i get if i accidentally touched my not cleaned for the day foot with my penis, or if i use a rag to clean up after masturbating that i had used b4 and not washed and put under my bed
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Not sure I understand what you are asking but if you are worried because you used a clothe to cleanup after you masterbate and then used it again at another time, you really have nothing to worry about. For sanitary reason, you might want to use a differant rag each time.
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let me rephrase it. i used a rag to clean up my penis, after masturbating, which i had used b4 and put it under my bed without washing it and used it agen
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no you can use it   i have done that many times with my wife .... we just use throw it under the bed and then use it again.  but if you used it on another part of your body that had a bacteria infection   you might have one down there now... if it starts to hurt when you pee or "go"  then go to a dr.
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