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i had sex with this guy a little over a week ago....he was VERY big in the downstairs region...it hurt and stuff...well ever since then ive had itching on the outside of my vaginal walls...and my clitoris is swollen and itchy...ive also had some light white creamy like discharge...im really worried about it....please help meh figure out what this is... :(
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Its quite normal when a comparative very big and thick penis goes inside vagina then there may be some itching. But all this will heal automatically. No need to worry.
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it sounds like thrush to me.

I was told by my pharmacist that if you get a powderd form of a pro-biotic, you can apply it directly to the affected area so that it goes straight to work and sorts out the imbalance that might be there.

give it a try - if it does not work then you will need an antibotic.
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