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just curious and want the truth

is it true that a man that have not had sex in over a month that when they ejaculate it should be alot of it and it should be on the thick side or does it mean anything?
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that's not true. my dh and i have gone a month or two between having intercourse and when he ejaculates it's not different than when we have sex 3-7 times a week.
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It's probably not true for every man, but it happens to my husband after a week.  It definitely is different than when we have sex 2-3 times a week compared to if we have waited 6-7 days.
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it's true for my DH. After only about 4 or 5 days, it's a LOT for him. He says it's "buildup"..LOL!
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lol.  I think that NO MAN can go without ejaculating for a whole month.  I'm not saying he has to have sex to do so.....
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I have not ejaculated for at least a month..my wife's various illnesses and pain here and there pretty much make sex out of the question for now and my depression has pretty much killed what sex drive I've had, though it occasionally makes an appearance.

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No two man on similiar and 2 men's ejaculation is similiar. It involves what he has ate, what he has drank, if he has been working out. It depends on his body chemistry.
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Speaking as a male here.  Mine if I got a month is about the same then if I had sex every day or masturbated every day.  The only real time it "changes" is when I do it multiple times in a day and if it is short time intervel.  

Food has never changed how much I have as much as it is the "taste" to it from what my now ex-wife used to tell me.

Now I did notice that when I was on an antibotic and had sex the amount was rather largely and I hadn't had any in about 2 months.  
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After a weeks rest the quantity is increased for me... However not significantly)))
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