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loss of Libido at 19

Hi, I am 19 and I've been in a relationship with my current boyfriend for almost 2 years. We have been sexually intimate since the beginning of our relationship, and our sex life used to be great. In the past few months, however, I believe i have been suffering from some form of Vaginitis that has been making sex very uncomfortable for me. For the most part, the problem has diminished, and the last few times that we had sex it wasn't painful, but I have had no sexual desire whatsoever for the past few months. I still love him very much, but my lack of Libido has caused a huge strain on our relationship. I do have a history of depression and I have been stressed lately. I changed birth control in the last month from Nuvaring (which i believed to be the cause of my vaginal irritation) to the OrthoEvra Patch. I have been attributing my lack of sex drive to our lack of privacy, as we don't see each other often, but I'm not sure if that's just my way of masking my problems. Please help, I'm extremely distressed. Thank you.
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I think you might need to improve the relationship.  Emotional intimacy is what breeds desire, and if you don't see each other often and then when you do it pretty much is just for an event and then sex (i.e.,  a movie and sex, dinner and sex) it becomes kind of mechanical.  There is not a lot of time to just hang around and have conversation and solve problems and laugh, which is really the breeding ground for desire.  He might be feeling some of that too.  You two should talk it over.
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Im having the same problem.  I have been looking at Endurnz's web site and I am thinking about giving them a try.  Id like to read some independent reviews before I buy.  Any one advice????
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