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low libido but high testosterone

I don't understand what is going on.  I have been searching for an answer for years.  I am 24 and when i was 19 my sex drive suddenly disappeared.  it was like traveling at 100 mph and coming to a complete standstill  (not depressed then)  all signs pointed to low testosterone levels, but my testosterone levels were actually on the high side as well as my free testosterone.  other wise i am in perfect health.  i did suffer from "depression" so 2 years ago my doc put me on wellbutrin and he said that it should increase my libido, but all has stayed the same. i've been to endocrinologist, urologist, and talked to psychologists, and they say everything is fine.  it is completely frustrating when you are forced through a circle of doctors each one pointing at the other and saying i can't help you buy here, they can help you.  i know its not the depression that causing it. in fact i'm convinced the problem is causing both the depression and the lack of libido, but no one has any idea of what the problem could be.  could anyone please help?  i am getting desperate for answers and incredibly frustrated
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Hi, so your DHEA levels should be OK as well, but then DHEA does 3 things if lifes your testosterone, boosts your libido and energy levels, now Tribulus will do all the same things and would be best for you, its a herb and DHEA is a hormon, as DHEA is for us old guys.
But then it could be nitric oxide levels down, Garlic and Cayenne will help lift it back up, OK so chop up a whole head of garlic fine and mix with olive oil and take 3 small spoonfuls 3 times a day, the Cayenne mix with tomato paste and thin with olive oil, and again take 3 small spoonfuls 3 times a day and alternate these and just take for 5 days and rotate, see how you go.
Good luck
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Any luck since you posted this????
Where you taking any workout supplements???

Hope all is well, hang in there buddy.
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