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major itching on pubic region

hey..i've been having this major itching on my pubic region...for the pass 2 years....im a 22 year old girl..im a virgin...ive got no idea why is it so itchy...i go nutz if i dont scratch it...i itch till at times it tends to bleed....n my skin color has changed to a darker shade because of the itching.. n at times gets scaly n dry because of extensive scratching..im to shy to go to a docter..so any1 had any idea why n what it might b?
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It sounds like you really do need to see a Dr. I know it can be scary. See a Gynecologist. They specialize in female problems of every kind. You could have a yeast or bacterial infection. It's hard to say for sure. Only a Dr would be able to tell you.
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I agree you probably have Candida (yeast infection). Ask your doctor about a Candida cleanse. Depending on how long you have had it, it can be difficult to overcome.
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