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my wife did not seem virgin

I am south asian hindu . After marriage, For first few times my wife did not part her legs properly...and it looked little odd the way she kept her legs....ie close. and when i requested her to part her legs after few nights ...she did after few moments ...and i felt that i entered her smoothly .....no pain ...no bleeding.

when asked ...she complained of pain next time!

She also tried to hint that her early period bleeding --spotting as the hymen bleeding....and appeared tense when i found that her period had started early.

i know 40 percents girls dont bleed and feel pain on first  time sex. her anal is so tight ...then how come her vagina so wide from first day..

she does not want to tell anything....she says she never had any relationship before marriage...

I respect her . But want the truth. I wont
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Dear Please ask your wife whether she was engaged in some sports activities or not. If no, then she may be befooling you by not spreading her legs and pretending to be virgin and tight.
Personally I also had same kind of experience with my girlfriend.
But I think the issue of virginity has lost importance now a days.
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dear friend ,

in today's time , 1 out of 10 might be vergin before marriage , forget about girls being vergin , even guys are not vergin these days . and i feel what ever her past was , if she wants to live with u for her entire life ahead , her past will never come in between , so forget all such issues and live happily . and never ever bring that topic in your discussion , as she might not feel comfortable talking about it .
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im respecting everyone else in what they are saying, but i have an opinion as well:

a lie should never be in a marriage. no matter what- a lie is a lie, and sounds like- you have been lied to.
you shouldn't be worried about what she has done in her past, cause we all have skeletons in our closets- but you should set with her and talk about not being honest.

good luck dude.
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thanks for reply.

she says she has nothing to confess. And i should not make such queries again n again.

she ignores when i say most virgins feel pain, bleeding etc.

I want her to  show a virgin sex video from adult site to show what i mean.


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Many women do not bleed or have pain with the first time, this can be especially true if she has masterbated alot. The hymen can break very easily by normal daily activities beside having sex. I don't know if she is telling you the truth, but if she is then you are only going to cause problems by continually saying she isn't telling the truth.
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if she played strenuous sports (track, soccer, gymnastics) or rode horses her hymen could have broken. she could just not have bled or had pain. that could just be how her  body is.

you're upset at how she "parted her legs" or didn't? did you ever stop to think she was nervous? or scared? or just didn't want to? women are not like light switches. we don't turn on just b/c a man says to. we are allowed to say no. if you continue harassing her about this you're going to drive her away. unless you have solid proof she wasn't a virgin...take her word for it. otherwise...she'll start regretting the moment she said i do.
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