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pain, is it what i think it is? postatitis?

For the last two or three days I have had pain in my lower stumache area, like near the abes. I did'nt think anything of it until just this morning. I was onlin with a girl I had been talking to for awhile now and we desided to meet. We had already knew each other pretty well, and she lives only about ten minutes away. So we met and had this great idea to watch eachother masterbate. ( so hard to admit that ) So we did.

While I was masterbating I felt a slight pain in my tecticals. Not a serious pain but it was noticable. I did'nt want to bring it up at that moment, especialy this being the first time i have met this girl in person, I did'nt want her to think something was wrong with me. ya know? So I kept my mouth shut. But when i ejactulated it stung a bit, and the pain in my stumache shot up. But I still did'nt want to say anything.

So we went on with the day as we had planned and I took her home at about 4:30. So after dropping her off I went to a friends house that lived not to far away from where she did. And I told him that my stumache was hurting, then I was masterbating and my testicals hurt, than it stung when I ejaculated. Hes older than me, in his 20's. So i thought he would know more about this. And besides I did'nt want to tell my mother what had happened.

So me and him talked about it for a few minutes and he said something about it sounding like Prostatitis ( I think thats how you spell it. ) I did'nt even bother to look online to see if what I was feeling matched with what he said it was. I typed " ask a doctor " in my browser and ended up here.

So my question is. Is what I'm going through Postatitis, is it treatable, will it affect my sexual life any, and if its not Prostatitis, than what could it be? and is it treatable, and so on?
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You know, You could have saved yourself the trouble by simply looking up Prostatitis raver than here...It means inflamation Of the Prostate Gland.

Prostatitis symptoms vary depending on the type of prostatitis you have. In general, the symptoms are related to pain or discomfort in the pelvic region, problems with urination and problems with ejaculations. Signs and symptoms may include:

Pain or burning sensation when urinating (dysuria)
Difficulty urinating, such as dribbling or hesitant urination
Frequent urination, particularly at night (nocturia)
Urgent need to urinate
Pain in the abdomen, groin or lower back
Pain in the area between the penis and rectum (perineum)
Pain or discomfort of the penis or testicles
Painful ejaculations

Sounds like you have this...go see your Dr
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I have the pain in the abdomen,groin not so much in the back though, painful ejaculation, and it only hurt the penis during the time of ejaculation but my left testical does hurt. i went to the ER last night after the pain got worse. i only told the doctor that my stumache and groin urt b/c of the fact my mom was in the room, i told her to wait in the waiting room and that i was almost 18 and i would rather be alone with the doctor but she did'nt listen. so yeah i only told the doc about the stumachje pain and groin pain, i did'nt want my mom to know what was going on ya know? they did blood, urine and a CT Scan, my red and white blood cell count was right on the money, the urine was good, but the CT Scan showed something ( i forget what he called it ) but something around my kidneys had swelled up,

He said that was the reason for the pain but i don't understand, if its in around the kidney then why does it hurt near my penis? but anyway he said they is no cure for whatever he said it was, i just had to fight it off and use painkillers as needed. he said it could take weeks to heel.

i'm not really worried about the pain if it stays on this level, its not extreme pain but its very noticable, i think i could handle it for a week or two.

what really worries me is if it will affect me in the long run. the girl i was with during the time when...well you know, i really like her and i thats my biggest fear that something will stay with me for ever now. the doc did'nt say if it was a pass and gone condition or something that will return or affect me sexually.

my biggest fear is that he did'nt make the right call and it is something more serious, i just don't trust ER doctors and my insurance dropped so i can't see my family doctor.

i'm praying that when my mom drops down to part time at her job this winter i can work on the days shes off and get insurance through work and get a doctor who is trainned in the field of mens health. this whole thing really gave me a scare and to be honest i'm still shaky about it.

i don't think any guy could have what happened to me happen to him and not worry about it.
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I was just looking over the release papers from the ER, the symptoms as the doctor states in the release can be, fever, abdominal pain and tenderness, nausea, vomiting and or diarrhea.

but nothing states anything about the other problems i talked about having earlier. he ( the doc ) told me that prostate problems are rarely found in nonsexual men, he asked if i was sexually active and i said no, i probabley should have told him i masturbate but at the time he asked me was doing an exam on my "gear" and my was just behind a curtain so i did'nt say anything.

I did check into the Prostatis and it seems i have more of the symptoms for it than i do the problem the doctor said it is.

The release papers says its called " Mesenteric Adenitis ". an imflammation of lymph nodes. he said it takes weeks to heel and there is no medication to help except to use painkillers as needed.

so knowing that i have less symptoms of this and more symptoms of the Prostatis rises another question, should i have another doctor recheck this, or should i let it be and see where it goes in a few days?

ever since the pain started i have been drinking mostly water and a bit of lemonade. and i have been avoidong my normal foods such as mcdonalds sandwiches, spicy foods, greasy foods. i stopped masturbating, i'm kind of afraid to now after the pain.  and i stopped drinking cola ( i only drink coke and rootbeer )

the pain is staying the same, it was a bit insense this morning but i wear briefs and boxer briefs so i thought it was my underwear were just constricting my " boys " and the pain was in just the testicals, so stayed in all day today with just some loose shorts on, and put some ice down there and it was better in just a few minutes.

so should i take the doctors word or get a second opinion???
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Listen, you can not blame this ER doctor for his diagnosis. You gave him false symptoms and omitted the truth. I understand you're affreid but you're an 18 year old boy, but your mother knows you masturbate. What 18 yo doesnt?!

I work in a hospital and in order to get treated CORRECTLY you must must must must be honest. Please take me seriously. You can't expect to get the correct diagnosis/treatment if you don't relay your entire situation.

I understand about your family Dr being dropped due to insurance, but believe me..there are hundreds of them out there. Unfortunately you'll have to either call your insurance and ask which Doctors they cover or you'll have to call a Dr's office to see if they accept your insurance. Since I don't know the entire details of your insurance coverage, i am unable to help.

Please don't be affraid to tell the REAL story regardelss of your mother being there. I don't believe your problem will simply "go away" until you are honest with your caregiver.
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I understand that i should have been totally honest with him but it is really hard to talk about masturbation to a woman, let alone my mother. i talk to my close guy friends about it regularly.

the pain in the abdomen stopped just today, the pain in my testical has lightened up alot, and i do have a slight pain in the middle of my back now, but i am a farely heavy guy ( 5'7" @ 220 - 240 pounds ) so i normally do have random back pain and since the pain started i have been kind of lazy trying to avoid any unneeded stress so not being as active as normal could be adding to that a bit.

i did contact my previous family doctor while my mom was at work just to get his opinion, he said that the swelling of the lymph nodes around the kidneys could be putting pressure on other things causing the pain in the groin. i told him the pain in the abdomen was stopped and the testical pain is fading away, and that i am starting to feel a middle back pain.

i told him the whole story, he told me to " self examine " myself. he told me to see if one testical maybe bigger than the other, to look or bumps, to squeeze the penis slightly to see if any pain turns up. everything was fine to me and the ER doctor said everything was fine when i went to see him, but the ER doc did'nt pull the foreskin back to check out anything. the underside of my penis is still bluish grey colored, and it seemed to get darker blue when i take hot showers. my previous family doctor ( Dr. Reddy ) said hes not sure what that could be from.

he said the pain in the abdomen and groin could have went away because i was putting ice on the areas that hurt the most, he said the ice could have made the swelling drop.

he told me to get relaxed, work up an erection, let the erection hold for few minutes to see if any pain shows up, and if no pain shows up to slowly and gentley masturbate, and if nothing happened to just let it ride out for a day or two and see where it goes.

and if it did hurt, to call him back and he would get me into see a specialist. so i did as instructed, i left the erection for about 4 or 5 minutes and started to masturbate. there was no pain, nothing seemed out of place, i just ejaculated sooner than i normally do. i can normally last 5 - 7 minutes but this time only about 3 minutes. i don't think thats really a big deal though.

as of now, i feel pretty ok, stumache hurts a bit but its in the center now ( i ate a new kind of potato chip my mom got, it could just not be agreeing with my stumache ) but i have'nt got sick, no diarrhea, temp is normal, i just seem to feel a bit sleepy at times but i don't think that is to do with the problem. my urine passes as normal, i've been checking everything pretty close, theres no blood in the urine, no pain but a bit of a " tingle " you could say.

i think the best thing i should do is just let it go for a day or two like i was told. if it gets worse i'll be sure to see a specialist.
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And while it is on my mind, what do you know about circumsized / non-circumsized men? i'm not circumsized, and i was wondering i if should stay that way or get circumsized, i have friends who are and some who are'nt circumsized, i was told a few things about both.

Uncircumsized:   1. Tends to have an ordor ( which i have noticed no matter how much i shower ) 2. its often smaller. 3. more sensitive. ( which i've noticed as well ) 4. has higher risk of infection and such. 5. not many women like uncut penis's...

Circumsized: 1. tends to be  larger than uncut. 2. less sensitive. 3. more common than noncircumsized. 4. women perfer circumsized.

my thing is i want size and to last long ( what guy does'nt right?  ) so being uncircumsized, with more sensitivity will it knock time off of how long i can last? and if i get circumsized now or in the future will i have more length? ( i'm only 4 or 5 inches erect now ) and the infection thing, is that true? and as far as more women liking circumsized, i'm not so sure on that i would think that a women would like something bigger and a guy who last longer though.

so in your opinion, what would be the best way to go? i would asume your older than me, so in your life time, what has been more " successful " so to speak? whats the ups and downs of both uncut and cut?
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I am assuming you're asking a womans point of view on this? All women are different in what they prefer, but I, myself have never had an issue and I've heard that they enjoy it more. Although there are so many complication that can go along with being uncircumsized (ei, infections, ordor ect...) It is not uncommon for men to be uncircumsized. Unfortunately, the surgery is a painful one...

About the size, its not going to change it. Though something I've noticed in my line of work. Your weight contributes to your size..I know it sounds silly, but its as if it sort of gets sucked up by that extra weight that is carried in one's lower abdominal area.

Sorry it took me awhile to respond.
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I was just thinking about size and lasting longer, but if getting circumsized is'nt going to affect size than i don't think i'll do it. as far as the weightthing, i never knew that. i am a big guy, 5'7" between 220 - 240, i tried thinning down a bit, diets, drinking more water, eating better, working out, but i'm just naturally big, my mom is only 5'3" at about 210 or so, and i never met my real dad, my uncle still talks to my real dad, and from what i have heard my dad is about my height and 280+ pounds so yeah,

i guess the only way to know if i need to be bigger is to actually " put it to work " so to speak, if the girl i choose to lose my virginity is happy with it then i guess i'm happy with it.

and about the problem we first started talking about, the possible prostatitis. i was really bad off just acouple days ago, lots of abdomen pain and some back pain, i took some antbiotics that i had left over from an infection in a cut on my foot, i took 1 of them in morning and was fine for about 8 - 10 hours and then the pain came back later that night.

so i started taking 1 in the morning at 6am and one at 6pm, so i kept that up for acouple days and now i'm fine other than a slight back pain but thats normal for me. everything is fine though, no abdomen pain, pelvic pain, or testical pain.

i stopped taking them on the 26th, the antbiotic was     Bactrim DS 800-160
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