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small pimple near my clittoris and on the vaginal lips

dear friends,
i am really worried since about a week.
actually what happened is, about one week before, i had some uncomfortable feeling at my vagina, i mean clittoris. but whenever i touched it and rubbed the clit i would feel better, in fact i felt pleased. it continued on, later i started having pain at my clitoris, and i had to touch and rub it for feeling better. the pain then got more severe than it was initially but i felt good when i touched it.....it was some kind of rashes there then. i try not to touch it, but that pain induces me to do it....it was just a rash previously, but i had once rubbed very hard. yesterday, i even used 'V-WASH' soap to reduce irritation. later yesterday night i saw there, there was a small pimple near my clitt...and there was a small pimple near my vaginal opening/lips as well. today morning, i found my clit/vagina has swollen. i have never engaged myself in sex, but i masterbate regularly, about once a day....
its painful there, and sometimes i cant even sleep nicely. i havent masterbated since i had the irritation.
please somebody help me, its painful....and i am afraid whats the matter. i cant even tell my family.
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Clitoris is very delicate organ too sensitive. when one masturbate with clitoris, in stead of directly touching or putting pressure or rubbing, one should move the fingers around it .Touching clitoris mildly is enough to create pleasant sensation. It is also evident that function of clitoris is to give pleasure while masturbating or during intercourse.
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If you are experiencing a lot of continuous pain and swelling, you need to be examined by a doctor. Make an appointment for a pelvic examination, so that the doctor can determine what course of treatment you need. During your appointment explain to the doctor everything you have mentioned in your post here; it will help the doctor understand your concerns better.

The rash you've experienced might be vaginal thrush, which can be easily treated with either a prescription antifungal, or an over the counter antifungal treatment. Meanwhile try applying a warm compress (wash cloth) to your vulva, and keep the area clean and dry afterward. Wear loose cotton underwear, and stop all masturbation for awhile. The pimple-like bumps might be either clogged pores, pimples, or cysts. Do not try to pop or remove them; just leave them alone. Pimples and clogged pores will usually go away on their own after awhile. It's not uncommon for women of all ages to have these type of problems, but you should see a doctor once they cause discomfort or become sore.

Take Care
thank you clement4now and dalubaba for your suggestion and concern. i will inform you further about what happens. i hope it is just a fungal infection or so.....
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For pimple, use any antibacterial cream and do not masturbate for few days. If the pain persists, you may go to a doctor. There is nothing wrong in going to a doctor.Clitoris is quite sensitive. So rough rubbing will give you quick orgasm and pain. try to surround the clitoris with your fingers, touching mildly.Google 'female masturbation' to read the precaution and safe method of masturbation. Giving pleasure is the function of clitoris. Masturbation is normal.
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