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something wrong with me

Hello, i had my period on schedule last week  and it ended on 28/10 and then i started spotting on 31/10 that became heavier like a period on 03/11.  the spotting stopped for a day and has returned on 06/11. i had protected sex on the 14/10 and took a urine pregnancy test on the 28/10 and another on the 02/11 and they both came back negative. what is wrong with me?
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Hi Ray, First question, are you trying to get pregnant? with some woman going through does not mean your not pregnant, I think the best thing would be to see how the next couple of days go, see how things go, before you slip off to your see a doctor.
Good Luck
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Thank you for your response.
No I am definitely not trying to get pregnant. I had one Depo Provera injection in November and the side effects were terrible so I haven't been back since. My period has only been back 2-3 months and I haven't found a contraceptive that agrees with my body and I've been practicing safe sex. I'm worried because I know that condoms aren't 100% safe.
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Hi Ray, Depo shots have very bad side effects, as for bc pills its a mine field, but on the good side there should be something out there that should suit your body make up, as for the condom yes 98% safe, but if you add in some contraceptive jel on your side, your should be safe till you can find the right bc pill.
Any help.
Good Luck
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