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i was 41 when i had a stroke.can i still have a baby?i am 41 now.
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Sorry to hear you had a stroke!  I would think the only person that could answer that question for you would be your doctor or cardiologist.  Do you suffer any permanent damage anywhere from the stroke, was it a mild stroke?  You may also want to peruse the Maternity Forums here, I am most positive there is one for 35+.  Good luck to you :)
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Strokes are caused by either bleeds or clots. In the case of bleeds, those caused by aneurysms are a bit more dangerous that those from other causes (such as a head blow).

Ocasionally there are medical conditions such as oclusion of the carotids that make having a baby a bit more risky, but even then, one has to weigh the pros and cons of the situation.

A stroke from a clot could be due to something as simple as dehydration and not moving for a few hours.  People develop such clots who are perfectly healthy when they take long trips on airplanes.

Prudence would dictate you meet with your neurologist for a consult, but in all liklihood he will tell you there should be no reason for you not to have a baby.
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