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sudden loss of libido

Hi, before I start, I want to apologise in advanced for the potential crudeness of this question.

I'm a 24 years old male, healthy with no major medical conditions. Recently in the pass 2 months, I have gained a lot of weight due to busy schedule, lack of exercise and improper diet. I think I have gained about 18 pounds or about 7 KG.

I recently noticed that I have been losing my libido, unable to have intercourse with my girlfriend. It's not that I cannot get an erection, I just cannot maintain it while having intercourse with her. Halfway through, I find myself panting as though I have been running and sweating a lot. This causes me to loose the mood and not able to finish.

I have no problems when I watch porn or masturbate by myself, not that I do those 2 often.  

I also do not have any prior medical conditions that might cause this, is this because of my weight gain and my drop in physical fitness that caused this?

To add on, I am not a heavy smoker, only smoke sociallly, averaging 1 stick a day. I do drink occasionally too, but again socially, about 2 pints of beer a week
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There may be unknown different causes for reduction of libido. There may be cumulative effect of masturbation, prono watching, smoking and drinking. There are few exercises which may help in increasing libido,. Google the follosing words, and phrases, male deer exercise, kegel exercise( while doing intercourse, just do kegel, your girl friend will be surprised with the new sensations).Anal peripheral prostate massage, Find any exervise which increases blood circulation in the groin area. Weight control can help too.
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