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swallowing semenn from many

i would be glad if someone gives me the right suggestion,since i am afraid of check up.
i had an affair with my ex friends,everything was just fine,but i swallowed their semenn completely,& it was from 5-6 partners.they are all good & have no health issues.
as i know,i wont get pregnant from swallowing,but can it lead to some kinda disease skin/sexual.
i got a lot of pimples thereafter,but till now no other problem.is there any problem by swallowing from multiple partners?willl my face be full of pimples?shall i go to a doctor(though i dont wanna go)?PLEASE HELP....
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You can get any STD's from oral sex, so even if you think they are healthy, they might not know themselves.

get it checked and maybe you should stick to 1 partner....
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what is seimen?
Its a white fluid in which sperms swim around in millions. The white fluid is a medium to comfort its swimming towards ovum when ejaculated into vagina. The white fluid also said to be kind of food for the germs. That's all. There is nothing poisonous. and moreover if you swallowed it goes into you digestive system, and sperms are digested with seimen fluid or else sent out via your anus along with other garbage from your system. So I made it clear it has nothing to do with pregnancy. now 2nd thing ...below:

So the problem is that you not only swallowed seimen but also any other lubricating oil and love juice that comes from penis plus any fungus and bacteria cultured within folded foreskin of those many penises. If we don't wash a day the tip of penis stinks, and that shows fungi or bacteria are quickly reaching to that spot, moreover the underwear also carries germs and drop on the tip of penis. Also torn off cells from the penis either from the tip or shaft can also enter you orals system and finally digestive system, and eventually reach blood system via villi in intestine and go around.

Best advise is immediate consultation with a medical doctor. And if you do this job professionally then periodic (weekly at least) check by a doctor is mandatory for your health security. Immediately they must perform a blood test, urine test and feces test that will tell the doctor what foreign things have been IMPORTED orally  into your system from those men.

As Kristen said even those males may not know what they have in their blood and body systems. Even if they have, they need not tell the truth because they want their job done.
Its now the ball is pushed in to your goal, and how you treat is your business, they are safe.
Good luck!
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If they all have no STI's then you will be completely fine, swallowing seemen has even been shown to have positive effects on the skin and hair
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If all you have is pimples, you are no doubt just fine. Pimples are more common when you are stressed - and it sounds like you are.
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Wow thats pretty crazy. I read your other posts and you were talking about wanting to break up with your boyfriend because he wanted daily BJs.

But instead you cheat on him with a half dozen men?

You have more problems than acne, go see a therapist.
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