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testosterone level

I have checked my testerone levels a week ago
because i feel tired , very low libido no spontanus erections , lost muscle mass even if i work out , no concentration etc
the levels are
9.5nmol/l and the doctor told me normal
do i need testosterone therapy ?
Thank you for your help
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Hi Mehdi, One question, just how much do you masturbate, once a day or twice or may be trice?
And is it ti porn?
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i do not masturbate , like i said i have a very low libido
i have sex only 2 or 3 times per month
my wife is worried about ma situation
i used to masturbate 2 years ago kind of 2 or 3 times a day
i really dont know what to do
Thank you for your replies
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Hi Mehdi, OK so masturbating is out of the window then, I'm now in ED recovery by taken herbs and a hormone, so not knowing in which country you live, as some of the things I'm not sure if you can get everything, but I will email you them and you can try to find them, I suggest you do a 12 week trial. you will know if its working, if by week 4 your getting nocternal erections and mroning woods the its working for you.
Good Luck
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Hi Nohard Thank you for your replies
i live in Montreal Canada so i can get everything
by the way i have tried herbs and dhea it doesn't work
the only thing that works is Clomid
give me your herbs i ll see if it can help
it is appreciated bro
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Hi Mehdi. They were sent, you should have two emails by now, post 1 and post 2, all herbs a and a hormone, DHEA, but you will find that its in a mix, and its the mix you need, I dont think you will find that just one herb on its own will work, and it also depends how high a dose you were taken with DHEA, I'm on 75mg a day 50 first thing in the morning and 25 after our last meal.
See how you go.
Good Luck
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"9.5nmol/l and the doctor told me normal "

Is that free testosterone or total and what are the lab ranges?
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