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toe spasm, muscle twitching on sexual thoughts

Hi..I am a male 23 years old. My symptoms are persistent toe spasm, muscle twitching all over body, irritation by loud noises, getting scared by sudden sounds (not necessarily loud sounds), sometimes jerky body/neck movements, electrical sensation in heart due to sexual or fearful thoughts, sleep paralysis. Also other things i noticed are flapping/twitching of ear diaphragm while listening/concentrating to very low sounds (like water dripping sounds or tap water sounds), burning and tingling sensations, irregular heartbeats, have trouble while falling asleep because of weakness in leg or hypnic jerk like things. All these symptoms are on their peak level for 1-2 days after ejaculation or extreme sexual feelings. After that they die down with time. Otherwise I do not suffer from any of the above symptoms except toe spasm.
I have persistent toe spasm from almost 4 years. It is there but do not cause any pain problem normally. But i think this toe spasm and all other things also started because of masturbation 4 years ago. Other symptoms died down in 1-2 months when i stopped masturbating 4 years ago but this toe spasm remained. But recently i suffered from huge stress, anxiety, fear and depression for about 1 month and all these symptoms which were dormant for previous 4 years evolved again. They die down with time but if i masturbate they evolve again. Even sexual thoughts induces instant twitching of muscles all over body and toe spasm becomes active giving pain....can anyone please help ?


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You need investigation by urologist,  and neurologist. Unusual sensations may be caused by parasthesia. Google this word and find out it your symptoms match with the symptoms of paresthesia.(unusual sensations).Dr Andrew can further give info on this problem.
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Hi Bro,

I'm having exactly the same symptoms as you. Has yours cleared up or any improvements?

Have you tried semen retention? nofap/nopmo?

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you should contact neurologist right away. You need to consult and get treatment as the problem will be more difficult to treat if it becomes chronic.
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