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vaginal tear--HELP

so my boyfriend and i were having sex, both a little tipsy :/ and it was pretty rough, all the sudden i felt this sharp pain and started bleeding instantly, i have about an inch and a half tear on the outer area, it burns so bad when i pee and is very sensitive and raw, i notice blood on the toilet paper when i dap to wipe, anyone have anything like this happen?? i was going to see my gyno, but it is impossible to get an appointment.....anyone have any home remedies?! HELP!--
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I would say just let it heal up on it's own don't borther it just let it chili out until it heals
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Hi AMJ, just take some nice warm bath daily with seasalt in it , this will help the healing and help cleans it, and make sure the water gets to it.
Good Luck
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