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i am a eighteen year old girl nd i had proper sex with my bf 3yrs ago,dats what i think,but i'm not sure whether i lost my virginity before dat as i didnt experience ne pain neither did i bleed.moreovr i wasnt into ne kind of consensual physical relation b4 dat but was on several occasion molested as a child,but i dont remember ne clearly.dat apart i was also into martial arts nd things like kicking nd stretching were a part nd parcel of it.what i want to knw is dat did i lose my virginity as a child or coz of sport activities?nd if so hw do i stl hv pain whn i try hv sex wth my bf?it doesnt just enters!cn i by ne means find out my if my virginity is intact?
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"losing your virginity" is more of a concept than an actual physical condition. Although most people, when they talk about losing their virginity, mean that you had sex for the first time, meaning having a penis inside of you. So if there's been a penis inside of your vagina then you are no longer a virgin.

If you're asking if your hymen broke then yes, it did. It would be very very rare, almost impossible to have a penis inside of you and not have your hymen break. Beyond that, if you were into sports and were generally physically active its entirely possible that it broke from that before you have sex. You can break it by playing sports or riding a bike, etc. It's not that difficult to break.

Not all women bleed or have pain the first time or anytime. It's common but it doesn't happen to all women.

If you're having pain with sex now it could be any number of things although I promise you its not because you're still a virgin.

Is your partner well-endowed? Are you properly lubricated? Even emotional distress brought on by the abuse you suffered as a child can cause physical pain during sex. In fact that's pretty common among survivors of sexual abuse.

I'd definitely reccomend you get some therapy to deal with the abuse and molestation.
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^ really helpful videos- love this gal :)
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