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weird question


i dont know if this is the right place to ask this but im desperate.

3 months ago i visited a spa massage place... i did not touch a single hair of the worker but i did masturbate on top of her,  about one meter of distance,  some of my ejaculation fluid landed on her stomach and im not sure if some landed on or near her vulva.

ive been striking everyday with thoughts of her being pregnant and waiting for the child to br born so she can sie me and get me on child support.

sorry about the long introduction and i know this sohnds crazy but,  is it possible to get pregnant this way?  no penetration took place and secondly... should i look for thr worker and see if she has a belly or should i let this go?  

thank yoi for the help.
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There is no chance of her being pregnant. Be assured and forget her.
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thank you dear sir... i sent you a privatr message,  could you please check it?
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Yes, I have received it and replied it also. In fact I asked MH to receive private messages as I had some computer problem. You may not get the my reply by private message, which i already have sent. In fact , I am interested in yoga and I do from my school days. I surf the internet for some new ideas on yoga and specially kundalini yoga, which is linked with sexuality.You may send me note or you may reply in the forum. you may ask me any question in this forum.
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Let it go!!
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Dalubaba is right. You have absolutely nothing to be concerned about. This woman is not pregnant.
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