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what are these weird skin growths on my labia that weren't there before???

I've been having a terrible time with my nether regions for over two months now. Anything hurts, peeing, wiping, even underwear on it. Since it burned I was tested for a UTI which came back negative.
I took a closer look and identified the places that hurt most. I had one in the past, and was told there's no treatment.
but just today when taking another look at the skin fissure, I saw a section of inner labia that was NOT there before, and also some weird protruding skin from my vaginal opening.
The first worry, upon researdh, looks to be a skin tag. Simple enough. The second worry I'm still unsure of. Users on forums with tje same issues have said it turned out to be remaining hymen.
I'm 21 and began having sex at 18. Between then and very recently, my vaginal area has looked exactly the same.
I'm in a steady relationship so we had been having sex often before the vag growths.
If it was remaining hymen, it wouldn't have suddenly.grown from the lower part of.my vaginal opening.
I got worried that it might have been me getting "loose" or vaginal prolapse and felt incredibly insecure, being young and kegel friendly.
if all this is is just skin tags,  why are they so irritated and painful from peeing or any touch? Why did I get the skin fissures, which I only had once before years ago.I'll be so mad if the thing that denies me sex for over two months was a.damn skin tag.
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Could it be from shaving? I get ingrown hairs from shaving and they hurt. Not sure of exact location of your concern but just thinking out loud. Keep us posted.
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#1. Do all STD testings even if u are only with one person. Still do it. Heroes as well. Get your fissures swabbed. 2. It could still be remaining hymen often u don't see that part unless it is swollen causing it to protrude. 3. Are you doing anything new or difffent. New soap new detergent new pet new sex position. 4. Lube it up. Even if it feels like you don't need any still use the lube. It helps protect you.
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