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what is a safer large penile implant or useing a erection ring which is safer to use

i suffer from erectile dysfuction
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The answer depends on exactly what type of ED you suffer from - if you are able to get a fairly 'normal' (usable, reasonably stiff) erection, but have difficulty maintaining it long enough for sexual activity, then an erection ring would help. However, if you cannot really achieve a decent erection in the first place, the ring isn't going to help much. Have you spoken to your regular Dr or a Urologist about this? There can be several different factors that cause ED. Depending on your current condition & past sexual functioning, you might be a candidate for one of the Rx drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. The Dr. would want to do a physical exam & probably run some blood tests before prescribing such a drug. The Implants are pretty much the last resort for ED - that's generally for guys for whom other treatments have simply not worked. It's fairly major surgery, pretty costly & I don't believe most Insurance plans cover it, because it's considered elective surgery (similar to cosmetic surgery, like Lipo or facelifts). So to answer your question, the ring would obviously be much 'easier', to use, but then, it might not work for you unless your only problem is MAINTAINING an erection once you get one.
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