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Can't penetrate her....

Hello, the problem that brings me here is related to the initiation of sexual life with my girlfriend. I already have some experience with sex (i am 24 years old), but my girlfriend (20 years old) does not, the problem here is that relations have not yet succeeded because it did not penetrate completely, she  feels too much pain right by the entrance of the vagina and she don't handle the pain..., we went to a doctor and she said it was OK, we have very preliminary before trying anything.
I think the entrance of her vagina is too small or her skin in there is too much stiff. we only achieved penetration  once and for very short time like 1 or 2 seconds, while she felt many pains and left some blood.
I noticed that something inside of her vagina was squeezing my penis ... as a tight ring. we no longer know what we should try more, please help us.
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You're probably feeling your girlfriend's hymen, which hasn't yet broken. Some women have really thick hymens that are resistant to tearing. This can be a problem if they want to use a tampon or if they are having trouble having penis-vagina sex (p-v). If this is the case for your girlfriend, she can see her gynecologist, who will perform a quick hymenotomy (this involves giving the hymen a quick, surgical snip) to remove the tissue.

Since she's experienced pain and some bleeding, she may need to take it very slow from now on. Talk with her about her feelings and negotiate how to proceed slowly so that she can get very turned on before you attempt p-v again. Dr. J
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