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Changes in Libido...Hormonal?

I am a newlywed in my late 20s who has been experiencing a slow decrease in libido over the last several months.  My husband and I are both completely perplexed as I have never had problems getting in the mood before.  I never felt pressure to orgasm every time we had/have sex and I don't now.  I would say that once every three or four times was fairly normal for me (as far as orgasms go), yet I always felt excited and aroused.

My face has been breaking out more than normal and I have put on a couple of pounds, although I am not under any unusual stress.  I have taken the same birth control pill (Yasmin) for about five years and for the most part, it seemed to keep my face clear and had no adverse effect on my libido.

I have been to counseling to address anxiety as a possible cause, but I have learned techniques to manage anxiety and stress and feel that this is not the cause of the problem...

Could my hormone levels just change?  Is it time to switch pills to something with more/less estrogen or with progesterone?  I am at a total loss for these unexpected and unfortunate symptoms and it is beginning to cause me to feel depressed.  

I'm too young to feel like I'm drying up.  Can you please offer some advice?
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