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I have been douching for a while but about an hour after I douche I end up having a little bit more water come out that is "dirty" and it actually interferes with my sex life because if I douche right before anal sex there tends to be some water left in me and it makes it unpleasant for both my boyfriend and myself.

How do I get rid of all the water that I put in me?
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Hi there.

I believe you're asking only about anal douching, correct? It is true that if you use anything astringent in your rectum, it will dry out the membranes, thus intefering with your natural protection against infections, etc. Here's some information for you:

Frequent or improper anal douching can lead to constipation, irritation in the lining of the rectum (which can increase risk for HIV/STD), or damage to the rectal walls.

* Don't use lots of fluid.

* Don't use douches designed for women's vaginal use. The fluid in these can irritate your rectum.

* Don't use anything astringent, i.e., soap, etc. A little bit of lukewarm tap or distilled water should suffice.

* Don't do it too often and don't do it repetitively. If you find yourself douching out your rectum 3 times a day every day....you are going to experience problems!

If you want to be sure you've expelled all the fluid prior to sex, I'd suggest you cut down on the amount and perhaps do it earlier than you've been doing. And remember: douching puts you at risk for various infections, including HIV, so be sure your partner uses a well-lubricated condom. Dr. J

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Hey. My doctor always told me to never douche because douches kill the good bacteria that are in our body to fight against the bad ones that try to enter. So as to douching, I'd recommend that u find another alternative to washing for the sake of infections and future discomforts that may emerge. If you feel that you wont be able to stop douching because of your hygienic custom maybe using less water and waiting till you have used the bathroom to do it may help. Hope I've been of some help :) Good Luck!
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ugggggg douching is sooo bad!!!....

julissa is so correct!!!......
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don't douche your body produces healthy natural fluids to clean your vagina, other ways could cause problems
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