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Dry Ejaculations

I'm a 57-year old male. On a couple of intermittant occasions lately, I have had dry orgasms, meaning no ejaculate fluids even though I have what appears to be a normal orgasm. On a couple of occasions I had seaman but it was clear with no visible sperm (or white opaque fluid), just clear viscus.

I've had two or three bloody ejaculations over the past few years but it usually follows a dull to sharp pain in my groin area. The blood shows with the subsequent orgasm then clears up. Recently my urologist found blood in my urine following one of these episodes and scoped my bladder. The bladder sample showed "asymetrical cells" and a scan and bladder biopsy is scheduled. But she hasn't really commented on the dry orgasms. The right side of my prostate has been slightly enlarged for a couple of years and I had a prostate biopsy performed about 18 months ago. My PSAs have been normal and the biopsy was negative and I'm on Flomax to shrink the prostate.

What would cause the dry orgasms and can this all be related somehow?
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First, sperm are microscopic, so you’ll never see them in your semen. There are several reasons for orgasm without ejaculation, the most common (“retrograde ejaculation”) being that the prostate sphincter is closed, so semen doesn’t exit the body. During ejaculation, the internal sphincter, a muscle located between the prostate and the bladder, closes tightly, preventing a man from ejaculating and urinating at the same time. If this muscle relaxes, it can force some of the ejaculate backwards into the bladder, rather than out of the urethra. The next time you urinate, the urine is noticeably cloudy because it has been mixed with ejaculate. This is not harmful and does not affect orgasmic pleasure; however, it’s probably related to your other prostate issues. For further clarification, ask your urologist. Dr. J
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