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How do I DECREASE my libido or testosterone?

Iam looking for any way possible to DECREASE my libido or testosterone.  Please don't ask why that is not the matter.  I have been on a few anti depressants and also a few ADD med's, I have tried the mental ways too.  I am looking for a possible herbal, or medical solution for this mostly, but i am openy suggestions.  Please do not criticize or try and explain why i shouldn't try this.  Oh and sorry about the spellingm in a hurry :)  
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that's funny i'm trying to increase my libido and testosterone. This isn't really a good option, but i've heard weed can decrease testosterone levels..............
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well , i liked ur question of decreasing libido. first of all anyone should try the nonmedical method, like for example :-
1. according to basics of psychology the more you think abt a disease , more u r going to stay wid dat. ofcourse increased libido is not disease bt its a condition which is causing problems for you, so here r the suggestions like , do not over indulge in these activity llike viewing blue films or having more of sex , if u r married try to decrease ur freq. of doin it.
if u r not married so decrease down ur freq of masterbation , or do not think of such things . some people of this variety think about havin incest relationship because it gives them more pleasure. so keep these things away.
medically you can try
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