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I feel that my breasts are too small

How big breasts do guys like? I have had really small boobs always..:(
And when I say small.. I mean like tiny! tee-spoon would be good word to desgribe the size ...
Im 17 now..and never had sex. Im embarrassed about my body and I think thats because of my "boobs" or nipples. Cause I cantsay these r breasts.:(
Could it be that I have too much testosterone? or something..Im also very hairy. and horny all the time. ( just for information )..just like guys dont you think?
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Hi Tuuka.

Almost every teenage woman I hear from is worried about some part of her body. Either their breasts are too big, or too small, or their stomach is too big. You get the picture. We're all so worried about our bodies because we see these images on television that are supposed to depict some "ideal" woman. Of course, there's no such thing.

Your breasts may or may not grow, depending on many factors, including your weight, your genetics, and so on. What's most important is that you love what you have and love yourself for the person you are. And small breasts can be just as sensitive as larger ones. Once you begin being sexual, my guess is that you'll discover that and be thankful for such pleasure.

Stop worrying about what men think. A woman who loves and respects herself will attract men who love and respect women--as well as themselves. And those are the kind of men you'd be interested in, right?

Stay away from men who are only attracted to some body part unless you want to spend time with some shallow type who doesn't care about you. Dr. J
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For what its worth...my generation LOVES smaller "perky" breasts.....size B cups. Don't know what the young men of this generation prefer but if they are only interested in your breast size.....MOVE ON!
       As an asside.....my sister was a size 34A until she started to develop late at age 17. Ultimately she became a very curvy Marlyn Monroe type 36C. If your extremely athletic, oftentimes your period and physical development is delayed.

PS: 17 and never had sex is a GOOD thing regardless of your physique.
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