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Nervous about missing a Depo Provera dose

I missed a dose of Depo provera by 7 days now.  I know that I am not pregnant due to no intercourse.  My question is do I still have to wait until I get a cycle? What if I dont have a cycle for several months, in the past my cycle was abnornal to begin with.  If I have the depo without being on my cycle will I still be protected? I started the depo Aug. 2008.  And had never missed a dose until this time. My dose was due May 1, 2009.  Can anyone help me with this???
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I don't know why you've missed your Depo shot, but it's definitely not a good idea. Call your doctor right away to discuss your next step. Your doc. knows your unique medical history and will advise you accordingly. Once you stop taking Depo, you're at risk for pregnancy. And don't forget that unless you're using risk reduction such as condoms, you're vulnerable to infection. Dr. J
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I know you posted this post a while ago but do you know all the facts about depo-provera.  I was on it for 2 and a half years and came off it to ttc in aug 08 i am still trying 18 months later as the depo made me infertile, it could take 2 years for the depo alone to leave your system.  I would strongly suggest if yu haven't already find a different contraception and i know a lot of women will agree with me on this site!!
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