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Pregnancy during outercourse?

My boyfriend and I have never had sex. I'm still a technical virgin, my hymen is intact. I realize that has nothing to do with this question. My boyfriend and I were messing around a couple of weeks ago, and we were both naked and began "dry humping". He took his dry penis out of his pants and put it on my genitals. He made sure to keep the head towards the top, about an inch above my clit. He didn't ejaculate, and I'm not even sure if he had any precum either, I am just assuming he did. This lasted for less than two minutes. He never touched my vagina with his penis.. So what are the chances of me becoming pregnant? I know that it's low, but I'm still a tad worried. Thank you
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If you want to discuss statistical chances, I suggest you post in the pregnancy forum. There are no guarantees. If you're going to expose yourself to the possibility of sperm, be sure to use a condom. Period. In the meantime, take a home pregnancy test to reassure yourself.
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Not at all
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